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Film Amount:

    • Diameter of Spool/Reel of Film:

D = 2 * sqrt{ [C + F] / π }
D: Diameter of Spool + Core
F (Film Area) = Length of Film * Thickness of Film
C (Core or Barrel Area) = π * (Radius of Core)²
π = 3.14…
Notes: Basically you’re just adding the area of the film plus the area of the core and finding the diameter of the combined area. ( AREA OF A CIRCLE = πr² ) Motion Picture Acetate based film thickness is around .006″ (152.4 μm).


Finally…we begin

So. It took long enough to get started, didn’t it? Let me make this brief and unwrap the purpose of this blog.
This blog serves to inform the public on the various avenues of digital and analog imaging with particular respects to motion picture film.
At the moment, I am assembling a team of artists, technicians and enthusiasts to begin working on the currently titled film, History and Tragedy of Doctor John Faustus. I’ll attempt to chronicle the technical explorations of post-production techniques in this blog as well….
Here goes!