Blender to Pixar’s PRMan: Chapter I [Destination]

The goal is simple:

Create a way to fully utilize Pixar’s Photorealistic Renderman (PRMan) with the open source application Blender.

The “way” should provide full Renderman Specs including the ability to fully & manually control the RiB created for rendering and have full access to the PRMan’s shading capabilities.

The “way” I have decided to do this is to implement it as an Add-On Render Engine utilizing Blender’s Python API.  A good, thorough understanding of the following items will be necessary to pull this off:

-Blender’s Internal Structure (DNA/RNA/Python API)


-RiSpec (Renderman Interface Spec)/RSL (Renderman Shading Language)

-A version of Blender and PRMan (obtained honestly)

The extremely high level view will look like this:

Shua Jackson Joshua Jackson

I’ll first begin by taking a look at the the next step deeper into the goals of the RenderEngine Addon itself.  Once we know what we need to accomplish, then we can better know what we need to learn as far as how it is to be accomplished.


About agentjj20

Shua Jackson works as a VFX Supervisor out of the Upstate, SC. He also keeps busily involved in film directing and producing.

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