Antigone to Screen at Anderson University!

Joshua Jackson Anderson University Antigone  

Antigone, the last segment in Sophocles Oedipus Series, is just a couple of weeks from being wrapped. The film will be screening at Anderson University with the Theatrical Presentation for an expected audience of 550 people over the course of 4 days in late January!
I’m stoked about this film and really hope that it “catches on.”
The film has been building anticipation in the area with the support of many of Anderson’s local businesses and institutions. McGee’s Irish Pub, Dead Horse Productions, LLC and Anderson University’s Theatre Department has provide us with many of the fantastic shooting locations. 

The film’s Principal Photography is very near to being completed, having run a course of about 1.5 months. The offline editing and sound editing has already begun. We expect final picture changes to be settled around the first week of January with a final mix to 5.1 Surround by January 15th.
My beautiful wife, Phyllis Jackson, is directing the theatrical performance of Antigone. 

A teaser trailer of Antigone is expected to be released at the turn of the year!

Be on the lookout! 

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Antigone screens at Anderson University January 27-30!



About agentjj20

Shua Jackson works as a VFX Supervisor out of the Upstate, SC. He also keeps busily involved in film directing and producing.

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